Welcome to KPP Barristers

KPP Barristers is a modern Chambers of Barristers in London. Our practitioners are Direct Access Barristers.

About Us

KPP Barristers is a modern and dynamic  barristers’ chambers based in  London. We provide complete and expert legal services to individuals, professionals and businesses. 

We are specialist consultants in law for when the legal issues involved are complex, intricate and so important that the most seasoned expertise in advice and handling is required. Barristers are traditionally seen as “stuffy” and “unapproachable” but at KPP Barristers is modernising legal tradition by refusing to be anything of the kind. We are down-to-earth practical legal experts that are extremely user friendly.

We do not undertake legal aid work, we do not offer free consultations and we don’t work on a no win, no fee basis.

Practice Areas


A change in the law in 2004 allowed barristers who have undertaken additional training to advise clients at first instance without the need for a solicitor. These are known as Direct Access or Public Access Barristers. At KPP Barristers, a high proportion of our Barristers have gained additional qualification to undertake both solicitor and barrister work


Our approach to legal practice is always to articulate creative and value-adding solutions for clients whilst delivering timely, efficient and affordable professional services All clients conduct their affairs within a legal context and Mercantile Barristers’ role is to advise on the conduct of their transactions and affairs in ways that avoid conflict and disputes

We strive to be open, approachable and clinical

KPP Barristers has also diversified and adapted to the needs of the market but at the same time, has retained its core values as an honest and professional legal service provider. Our specialist team of lawyers offer their services to both businesses and individuals in a fast, friendly and professional manner. 


Our Barristers are Direct Access Barristers, so you don’t have to go from one solicitor’s office on the High Street to barristers’ chambers at the Inns of Court.


You only pay one legal advisor rather than two. The barrister usually has lower overheads, so this will usually be more economical than retaining the solicitor alone and will cost less than instructing both.


You get the earliest possible direct access to the specialist – not just when a problem gets to Court. This could save you the headache, heartache and expense of avoidable litigation.


You will normally know in advance the basis upon which the work will be charged, as well as your advisors view on likely prospects of success.